2007 Toyota Vitz replacing ECM

TOYOTA VITZ 2007 – Replacing ECM.
Procedure to replace, Initialize and Register Engine Control ECU
89661 – 52C72 D5

1. Reset memory from “Engine and ECT/ Utility/ Reset Memory”.
2. Reset memory “Engine and ECT/ Utility/ AT Initialization” when replacing the:
a. Automatic transmission.
b. Engine assembly.
c. ECM.
3. Perform REGISTATION (12 – 17 digit VIN Registration) when replacing ECM. Registration process consist of 3 parts:
a. Input instructions.
b. Read previously stored VIN in the ECM. Matching VIN in ECM is required without which the engine will not start.
c. Write VIN. To write or overwrite VIN in new ECM.
– Connect tester I.E Original BST-100 battery tester or laptop to DLC3.
– Switch Ignition ON.
– Diagnosis/ Enhanced OBDII/ VIN/ Read, Write.

NOTE: Registration of new ECM can also be performed by the following method:
1. Take away any extra remotes than the one which is required, cell phone or magnetic objects from the car during the process.
2. Short the pins CG (4) – TC (13).
3. Switch ON the ignition.
4. Leave the Ignition ON for 30 minutes.
5. Switch OFF the ignition and remove the jumper wire from DLC.
6. Delete any error code like B2799/99 with diagnostic computer I.E Toyota Techstream or remove the negative battery terminal for 10 Sec or more.
7. Keep the remote in the car before reconnecting the battery terminal.


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