2013 Skoda Octavia with lane assist system

Skoda Octavia


Installation of auxiliary systems usually road most of the original lane departure warning system, a vehicle for the luxury car or luxury cars, such as BMW, Lexus and Volvo, while 2013 models Skoda Octavia has become the standard few such systems ordinary sedan, which uses the system named “lane assist” (lane Assistant) system.

Octavia usually selling point is that body size, than similar cars Volkswagen Golf is big. With the application of lane assist system, Octavia security has been further strengthened.


And the new generation Golf 7 is similar to the 2013 Skoda Octavia in the side mirror to install a detection system based on the scanning device, the device and the mirror base integration, became auxiliary lane to get information tool. When the vehicle speed is 65 km / h or more, the detecting system scans the road, find and identify the white marker line. Once the system detect a vehicle involuntary deviate from the lane, it will be issued on the dashboard of visual information presentation, and take the initiative to correct by steering the vehicle route, make sure to avoid the risk.


If the system does not find a road sign, it will not be corrected in the case of turn or offset. And if the owners opt to switch lanes or preparing to overtake, turn signal lights, the system is also able to identify the owner’s intentions, without self-steering.



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