2015 Working solution: Nexiq USB link 3 lights keep flash

This post supply newest working solution for the issue that NEXIQ USB link get error code 134 after get firmware update.

When connect the Nexiq, The power light, data light and Fault light keep flash fast.
NEXIQ lights flash fast-01
Watch video at:

The reason for this symptom:
Users download and install the software from NEXIQ USB link official site, then have USB-Link firmware update.
nexiq usb link firmware update-02
nexiq usb link firmware update-03

nexiq error code-04
Working Solution:
Step 1. Replace the chip U56, there are 3 spare U56 chip in the package.
replace U56-05
Step 2.
Uninstall the driver download from NEXIQ USB link official site, then reboot.
Video demo at:
Note: be sure to clean up all software from official site, otherwise USBlink will be abnormal.

Simple steps shown in the following 3 pictures:


Step 3.
Install “USB-Link8500” driver, download at:
Then restart your computer.

Finally, NEXIQ USB-LINK work well, the first indicator light turn green.
nexiq light flash-09

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