A True Advice of GM MDI Diagnostic Tool

Having read thousands of posts about GM MDI diagnostic tool, and finally get some useful tips .

I need some things cleared up before I purchase an MDI interface kit.

Firstly, I understand that the MDI multiple can program all modules on the Holden/Opel/GM range together with the tech 2 software on a laptop. What I need to know is what is the difference of the hand held tech 2 diagnostic scanner?

Also, can someone further explain how all subscriptions work on the wobd2 website?

Advice from forums:

My tech 2,MDI and ford vcm are all Chinese clones with lower price and the same function. I started with a tech2 with a ten meg card I bought it from a guy who got it from a closed down dealer. Then I got a new candi module and 32 meg card I used this for diagnostic, I no longer got the snap on tools out when I had a holden in the shop it would not compare, I then set about tracking down the last tis200o disc holden issued in 2008, I had these loaded onto my laptop the same guy sorted out the dongle key issue at the same time, I could now program and had tis access, then the tech 2 died so I had to send the main board to be repaired as they only sell overhaul kits here, and a new main lead, if I was to do this again I would buy a new kit.

Then, I bought a new unit and build it up in pieces, armed with this knowledge I bought a professional ford ids kit from www.worldobd2.com, The ford ids/vcm is a great tool, just check for updates every couple weeks.

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