Advice on Tango programmers for sale in China

Some locksmiths have wanted to buy a Tango key programmer from China; since they have seen many of these units appear on some of our favourite Chinese websites. They wanted to know if anyone has bought one and give them some reviews.
They want to find out if indeed they are really the real deal and are original as advertised. And one locksmith have seen distributor charging roughly $2200.

They are really the real deal and are original?
Yes, they are ok and original, online update tango are oem, locksmith can buy from china.

How to tell if the Tango Key Programmer is original or copy?
The original Tango has the serial number. With this serial number user is able to register their information on official website, and then download the latest software to update the device online.

How much for Tango key programmer from China?
The answer is: The price is different because some offer the with a full package.
The basic software is a 1000 euro, and the unit 200.
Also mind the VAT or taks.
The tango key pro does make a working key for vw crafter. Others not.

TM100 and cloned tagkeytool do not. tango key pro and tm100 is getting updated all the time.
I bought one Tango from for $1,329.00 not plus shipping , which is original.


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