All Key Lost on Ford Mondeo by VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford IDS V95

Hi, all. This is the instruction about how to do all key lost on Ford Mondeo by VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford IDS, sharing with you all.
Note: I use with the Chinese version, and the red words on the pics are translated myself.

No matter how many smart keys is prepared to be matched, there must be two or more legal smart keys.
First, connect to the device, and ensure that the vehicle’s battery is fully charged. Otherwise, you need to connect the charger for charging. If you have a smart key, the system will identify the vehicle information smoothly and to enter. If all key lost, it will appear the following tips: “Tip: PCM (engine computer) failed to communication, but the RFA (Free keyless start system) communication success.” Then the system prompts to enter the PCM serial number or some identifying information to the next step.
Ford Mondeo lost all matching smart card-1
All the information above is marked on the side of the engine computer.
If you can not find the engine computer or information, go to the Internet to search for information on the engine computer information on the same type of the vehicle, with the same model and capacity.

Ford Mondeo lost all matching smart card-2
This is the part number found on the Internet: PCM-6G91-12A650-MJ
Please put the PCM part number here to go on.
Ford Mondeo lost all matching smart card-3
Diagnostic system will soon enter and identify a variety of data and information of the vehicle.
Ford Mondeo lost all matching smart card-4
Then you can enter the toolbox for the matching function.
Ford Mondeo lost all matching smart card-5
Then the system prompts that there must be two keys prepared for matching.
Ford Mondeo lost all matching smart card-6
Click to begin communication. First remove all existing key, and click OK when you finish the deletion. The system will prompt that the first key matching is beginning and pop that you need to enter a password to perform.
Ford Mondeo lost all matching smart card-7
20BBCF on the picture above is transferred the character as the password. Enter the password after password is calculated.
The system prompts that within 15 seconds, press any button on the first matching remote control for 1 second. At the same time, there will be a blue progress bar (15 seconds) on the screen. According to my practical experience, as long as the speaker of the vehicle does not ring or turn lights do not flash, it is an ideal way to keep pressing a button on the remote key until the vehicle responds. (In this case, the remote control needed to be matched must be operated in the car.)
If the operation fails within 15 seconds, check the vehicle’s battery power and the remote control battery power. After confirmation,press Retry button to re-match.
When the vehicle horn beep once or turn lights flash once, it proves the success of the remote control match.
Next, the system prompts that you need to complete the smart control identification and the PATS (keyless entry system) match. At this point, you need to pry the circle cover of the emergency identification outlet under the right side of the steering wheel. Insert the wide side of the matched smart key with remote control into the white emergency card slot. (you must plug it firmly) Press the Enter key.
PATS matching function is complete, then you need to program the next key. (The operation of the second is the same as the the first)
When two smart remote controls (keys) finish matching, save the record.
Exit the System.
Slam the brake pedal and press the start button, the vehicle starts normally, which means you complete the match.

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