Attention!!Program New Key/ Do All Key Lost on Ford Focus

Today, I’d like to share with notes when you do all key lost (program a new key) on Ford Focus. You know, Ford Focus from 2008 to 2011, can be divided into two kinds, one with the flat-type instrument panel/ dash board and the other with a bubble-bucket instrument panel. Security lights are in the middle of the instrument panel. In the case of the key all lost, program a new key first and do matching according to the instruction with 4D63 chip, by key programmer X100 or T300 (suggested by professional technicians), not needing password.
Doing All Key Lost Programming New Key on Ford-1
When doing all key lost, pay attention to the following matters:
1. key chip problem
Choose the original 4D63 chip; here, I mean, a fake one cannot do matching forever.

2. insufficient battery voltage
To maintain the vehicle’s battery power is sufficient, otherwise, there will be matching unsuccessfully. (communication failed)
Generally, go into the system 1 with X100 or T300; and it will take you 8 minutes to do all key lost with free password. But no matter how long you wait for, you will be prompted to wait for 8 minutes. The electronic control unit (ECU) is located under the glove compartment in the front passenger side. When power is low, the ECU will make a strange noise, loud and creaky. In fact, just because of insufficient power supply voltage, ECU cannot not work normally so that the relay inside produces this kind of noise when power supply voltage is insufficient. Press the horn with the hand; the sound is loud, but in fact, the voltage has been grossly inadequate.
Doing All Key Lost Programming New Key on Ford-2
3. instrument panel malfunction
If the Focus is with the flat instrument panel, it only takes a few minutes to do all key lost by x-100, t300 key programmer. When you need to wait for 8 minutes of matching options, the instrument panel will become black for the security data is located on it. It is normal. But if you need to wait for more than 8 minutes, or communication fails after waiting for 8 minutes, there are two possible solutions:
Solution 1:
Situation description:
The vehicle has been in the status of key matching; one key has been programmed before and there is no another key to end the program (even if the ignition is turned off).
When we encounter such a situation, you need to reset the match between  ECU and security by the auto key programmer x100; that is, re-match the ECU and security, about 10 minutes needed. Here, you need insert a new key to finish the operation. After synchronization is complete, you do not need to match the key, and turn off and on with the key. This new key can be available for the car.

Solution 2:
Situation description:
The car works well but it cannot start again when flameout for parking. 2 reasons for this:
–reason 1
The instrument panel has been transfer for mileage correction. The chip was not welded in a right way;
–reason 2
The wiring is not fix. the security data is on the chip that the car connot start for poor connection.
First, check if all links to the fuse has burned or not. If not, it is absolutely reliable method to go the 4S repair shop to deal with the problem: you can disconnect the car’s battery for 15 minutes, then connect it. Start the car, security will be lifted.

Note: if your vehicle itself had an accident and cannot do all lost or add keys all the time (always communication failed), try to disconnect the battery for 15 minutes to resolve. But, if the matching fails, you can start with the tango written if possible.

PS: what should you do when facing with one key only and no second end the programming?
Select “remove all keys” when all key lost. But the key inserted in the ignition lock will be preserved. This method is used only as a last resort.

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