Bleeding auto brake on Silverado Z71 Corvette c5 using TECH2 GM clone

I have a 2001 Corvette c5 and a 2003 Silverado Z71, I want a tool to bleed the auto brake on 2001 Corvette c5 and see the automated bleed function on 2003 Silverado Z71. I searched in google and navigated to, it claims GM TECH2 meet my needs, after have tried by following procedure, I did it with lucky. I share below procedure.

gm-tech2-pcmcia-card tech2-for-gm-diagnostic-scanner-1


  1. Connected the Tech2 to my 2000 FRC, ignition key in the off position
  2. Powered on the Tech 2. Tech 2 passes power on self-test
  3. Turn ignition to on position, did not start engine
  4. Opened Tech 2 main menu the screen shows:
  • F0 Diagnostics
  • F1 Service Programming System
  • F2 View Captured Data
  • F3 GM Performance Parts Diagnostic
  • F4 Tool Options
  1. Selected F0, Diagnostics
  2. Selected Model year (2000)
  3. Selected Passenger Car
  4. Selected F2 Chassis
  5. Selected Product Line (Y) “establishing communication” seen on screen
  6. Screen displayed: CAUTION: “ABS Braking is not available when ABS/TCS lamps are illuminated”

(Note: I had no Codes related to the ABS or TCS and no light on the dash)

  1. Pressed the “continue” key selection. The right-most softkey was highlighted.
  2. Screen Reads: “Chassis”
  • F0 ABS/TCS/Magnasteer
  • F1 RTD
  1. Selected F0, ABS/TCS/Magnasteer
  2. Screen Reads:
  • F0 DTC
  • F1 Data Display
  • F2 Special Functions
  • F3 Snapshot
  • F4 ID information
  1. Selected F2 Special Functions
  2. Screen Reads: (Note, I think I should have a function key at this step for Automated Bleed, but it is not there)
  • F0 Automated Test
  • F1 Solenoid Test
  • F2 TCS Test
  • F4 TCS Switch Information
  • F5 Steering Position Sensor Test

17.Selected F0 Automated Test

18.Screen showed ready for test and a softkey highlighted for CONTINUE.

19.Pressed CONTINUE softkey

20.ABS pump activated for a second or two, and the car beeped twice, so I know the Tech 2 it talking to the car.


If you have no lucky as I did:

If you fail to do auto brake bleeding with GM TECH2 clone with PCMCIA card, what you can do is to check if the PCMCIA card was inserted in the right slot, as you can see below.


If yes but still not work, try one new card, if the new card is ok, it means the old card has something wrong with, just change a new PCMCIA card as below.


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