Brake Flush Procedure using GM TECH2

This post starts with my new GM vette question that about brake flush procedure, then followed by solution by using GM TECH2.

Just purchased my first GM vette about a month ago and have fallen in love. Picked up an 06 base for a great price.

I am switching out my stock wheels for some c7 z51 wheels and while doing that am painting the calipers.

To paint the calipers properlly and get everything cleaned up nice before brushing on the paint I disconnected the calipers from the lines.

Being the car has close to 30,000 miles on it, is it worth it to flush the entire system and replace with all new fluid? If I plan on doing some auto cross and maybe track and have read that upgrading brake fluid is a good thing to do. What fluid should I replace the stock fluid with if I flush it?

Should I just refill with the current fluid, bleed, and go on my merry way or flush (with what, and how)?

Power flush the old fluid every two years if the car is a DD. In this amount of time, the fluid has adsorb enough moisture out of the air to contaminate the fluid with water in it.

Autocross work, your not going to get the brakes hot enough to get the fluid close to its boiling point, but if you are running high speed tracks, then power flush the old fluid out after your done for the weekend since you may have gotten the fluid to is boiling point.

If you drain the fluid out to allow the system to go dry (air in the system), then you will need a GM Tech II to cycle the ABS solenoid valves and pump to get the air out of them as you are bleeding the lines.

As for the pump and solenoid valves during a power flush without cycling the ABS with a GM tech II, it not air, but only small amounts of old fluid that will cycle out the first time the ABS activates instead.
Note, power flushing is driving the old fluid out of the lines with new fluid until the fluid is running clear, and at no time do you allow air to get in the lines.

So hate to say it, but you may need the dealer to do your first bleed if you allows the lines to drain out. If not, then may take a few bleeds to get all the air out of the line that is trapped in the ABS without it being cycled during the first bleeding.

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