Buy official GM TECH 2 clone at (Review)

It is a long story to talk my tech2 purchase experience. As most of you, We am not sure if these China tech works well or not. So this purchase after a long time searching work in the Internet(forums, ebay, alibaba, etc.) Ebay is way to expensive for their clones. Cheapest i could find at the time was $800 and went all the way up to $2000+. Then I messaged customer service at ebay and alibaba. Most people think highly of this, but maybe they are too hot that they don’t answer me. I even tried the live chat thing and I still had no luck that day. Finally, I have to try wobd2 seller. This seems not as great as alibaba or ebay, but the good point is that they professional, only vehicle diagnostic or programming tool. Because of the urgent need, I ordered this tech after talking to their customer service.

I ordered tech 2 for $349 on a Tuesday and I picked it up at dhl ex Friday (i missed the dhl ex guy and you have to sign for it). Yes, it only took 3 days! So here it is….
GM TECH 2 -1 GM TECH 2 -2 GM TECH 2 -3 GM TECH 2 -4 GM TECH 2 -5 GM TECH 2 -6

(this mark is pasted by me 😀 their clones are without marks on the machine, but marks included in the package can be used as customer wants.)

I paid $349 for this. It wasn’t the cheapest one there, but the customer service recommend this for this item is on sales and has the best quality and with a plastic box to carry conveniently. Well, a little worried when shipping, you know. And to my surprise, this quality is amazing and I cannot tell it was a clone.

The TIS software that was included with my clone model was GM, not Saab. Had to get the Saab TIS. The card was 143.000 too. I got 148.000 and used MemoryCardExplorer to flash it onto the card. Tedious, but got it all working.

I’ve disabled my DRL’s, deleted the stupid OnStar system so I don’t get the annoying ‘OnStar Malfunction’ message every time I turn the car on, auto-unlock doors at key-out, and lots of other things. Comfort Close is a feature I had activated too, but its aUS/Canada and Aus option only and when I disabled my DRL’s, it became Comfort Open only. I need to figure out which control module it reads to allow Comfort Close again.

When adding the UEC control module, I was curious to know what Xenon Type 2 meant – so I activated it, and it changes it from bi-xenon to xenon low-beam and halogen high-beam. Interesting. Tempting to run a ‘jumper’ wire from the 12v positive of the halogen high-beam to the 12v positive on the bi-xenon solenoid so it opens the cutoff shield as well as turn the halogen highbeams on.

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