Buy original tools or clone tools

Buy original tools or clone tools, this is a perennial topic among automotive technicians and DIYers. In the post, the writer collect some of viewpoint to the original tools and clone tools, let’ have a look at it.

Q: Chinese solution for make money with stupid people
A: Stupid people? That’s nice. I think the majority off the members works with clones because original tools are only profitable for professional tuners. I do +/- 12 cars a year. So investment in original is not cost -effective. Most off us are in the same situation. All i do is read / write on PSA cars. The reprogrammation is done by a professional (DPF et EGR Off).
A little respect, please!
Same for everybody in this business. If you damage any ECU by original tool, kess producer will pay you for ecu? Never

Q: yes but original tool is compatible with software because alientech made both and they are the procedure

so no mistakes or error no checksum mistakes never write wrong file

copying is not good

Many of my customer damage their ecu with clone tools i go and fix with original tool

we buy original tools for 4000 eur+, then people buy 200 eur tool offer customers remap for 100 eur with ecm cracked files make the market price very low and customers dont know about quality file and tools

A: Yes my friend, but that was not my question…

Ever happened to brick an ecu while flashing with genuine tool? Yes!
To me it happened with genuine New Genius / MPPS / Magpro2 / X17 / Powergate.
If you damage any ECU will they pay you? No! Simple answer.

So all the tools have bugs, the main thing is knowledge and understanding what you are doing, and after tools.

Anyway better not to happen to anyone

Q: emapping cars is not simple, quick, cheap or easy. MPPS clone’s DO brick ECU’s, amateur’s using BDM tools destroy ECU’s….
A: I totally agree with you in principal, but let’s be honest, how many now decent tuners started out this way??? I know a few. You’ve never used a clone tool??? And anyway, I’ve seen genuine tools brick ECU’s, It’s how you deal with that part which counts, and precisely why I suggested having a means of recovery.

Those people who agree the viewpoints above-mentioned will be interested in thesed ECU programmer including Fgtech Galletto, Kess V2, Ktag, BDM100, etc:

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