CKM100 Tokens and Digimaster 3 on Sale

CKM100 Tokens and Digimaster 3 are on Sale at

Tokens are a pain but cheap at present
1.Buy 200 Tokens to get free BMW CAS4+ authorization files, charge $319 free shipping.
that’s a lot of tokens making it very cheap to use, thats around $1.59 a token only  plus the CAS4+ authorization file, with this file as well as Super BDM adapter and BAV key adapter, digimaster 3 can program key for BMW CAS 4+.

2.Buy 300 Tokens to get free BMW CAS4+ authorization files and Super BDM Programmer, wobd2 charge $479 free shipping.
To program key for BMW CAS 4+, you need to buy one more additional BAV Key adapter

BMW CAS4+ Authorize files
With this BMW CAS4+ Authorize files, you can program key for the following BMW models:
1. BMW 1 series F20 (2011-)  CAS4+ car key programming
2. BMW 5 series F10/F11/F18 (2010-) CAS4+ car key programming
3. BMW 5 series GT F07 (2010-) CAS4+ car key programming
4. BMW 6 series F12/F13 (2011-) CAS4+ car key programming
5. BMW 7 series F0x (2008-) CAS4+ car key programming
6. BMW X1 (2010-) CAS4+ car key programming
7. BMW X3 F25 (2011-) CAS4+ car key programming

Buy only SUPER BDM Programmer at $79 free shipping
SUPER BDM Programmer Coverage for BMW F Chassis CAS4
5 Series 2010- F10/F11/F18 Chassis (CBA Long shaft)
6 Series 2010- F12 Chassis
7 Series 2009- F01/F02/F03 Chassis
X3 Series 2011- F25 Chassis
Super BDM Programmer
Read/Write the CPU of latest BMW CAS4
Supports Freescale CPU models

BAV Key Programmer– Work with Digimaster 3/CKM100 Supports the BMW F Classis keys and 4th Generation and VW

BAV BMW F Key Programmer has to work with Digimaster 3/CKM100.
Can program key for 2009- BMW F chassis (1L15Y, 5M48H) and Volkswagen Audi with 4th/ 5th generation immobilizer. Cover the original Advantech VAG KEY adapter support 4-generation anti-theft matching models (you can substitute VAG KEY adapter).

BAV Key Programmer vehicle coverage:
VW Audi 5th Generation Immobilizer Key Matching Vehicle List (Support All Keys Lost)

2009- Audi A4/A5/Q5
2010- Audi A7/A8
2010- VW Touareg
2012- AudiA6L (C7 Platform)

BMW F Chasis Key Models:

1series   2011-  F20 chassis
5series   2010-  F10/F11/F18 chassis (Brilliance BMW’s Long Axis)
5series   GT 2010- F07
6series   2010-  F12/F13 chassis
7series   2009-  F01/F02/F03 chassis
X1            2010-
X3            2011-  F25 chassis

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