Code 61 Steering angle Identification, what to do?

Car symptoms:

My DSC Light came on today, after running the code with mt Creator C110 BMW scanner, it came up with code 61 Steering angle Identification.


Gibe an idea of what and why steer angle sensor
Couple thoughts, but the wording of the error is “strange” to me. First, visually look on front suspension to verify that simple band that holds sensor is still intact and sensor appears to be in normal position.

This error often comes-up as part of an ABS module re-code. It simply means that if steering wheel is centered and you turn wheel fully to the left and then fully to the right, the computer is seeing too large a variance as if your car had been aligned with wheel off center. In a perfect world, you would get +500 pulses turning wheel fully in one direction and -500 pulses wheel turned fully in opposite direction. I don’t know how far “uneven” the pulses may get before you trigger the error, but just for example let’s say you turn wheel full left and get 515 pulses and full right you get 485 pulses. The DSC needs to know this information to effect the proper braking correcting if the stability control becomes enabled. The system must know if wheel is basically pointing straight ahead or are you losing stability while turning? The correction by the anti-lock brakes will be quite different. INPA IIRC can calibrate this. You put wheel absolutely straight and initiate calibration. You turn wheel full left and full right and it will even out the pulses. Now, if when you drive down the road and normally steering wheel is biased in one direction off center, you need to get that fixed through alignment anyway so car tracks straight with wheel right at 12 o’clock position. Has anything changed recently? Alignment, hit curb, etc.? If no, visually check sensor for reason why it suddenly changed. It is possible your ABS module is going out as well and it is just reading pulses wrong. Not the usual mode of failure for ABS module, but it is controlled and interpreted by ABS module and it may check fine on your scanner. scanners often show a bad wheel speed sensor when module is really the issue.

Hope this gives you an idea anyway of what and why re; Steer angle sensor.

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