Copy Toyota G chip with TJECU CN900 and JMD Handy Baby Cbay clone machine

To copy Toyota G chip, there are two options: TJECU CN900 clone machine and JMD Handy Baby Cbay clone machine. How they work, I make a collection below, hope it helps.


Part 1: Copy Toyota G chip using TJECU CN900 clone machine plus G box

TJECU CN900 clone machine is able to copy and identify Toyota G chip e.g 72 G.

However, CN900 can’t copy Toyota G chip if no connected with a CN900 G box, following is G box package.



Besides, you have to register Toyota G box firstly, there are only 5 steps, read procedure as below:

Tools and software include:

CN900 clone machine

Toyota G chip box

A computer with xp /win7

CN900 updater downloaded from official site



1 Browse , download CN900 downloader e.g. “CN900Updater_4.3”

  1. Connect Toyota G chip box to CN900 machine, and CN900 to the computer.
  2. Open CN900 downloader, select 72G box, it will automatically recognize G box serial number, please check if it is correct.

cn900 register g box-02

Click “Register”


4 The serial number is supposed to be as the same as the one displayed above.

cn900 register g box-01

  1. You could click “Search 72G-BOX”to check if the two-line numbers are the same; if they are the Toyota G chip box is registered successfully to CN900 machine.


Read following 2 pictures and you will see CN900 can copy 72G chip.

 cn900 copy 72g chip

cn900 copy 72g chip-02

Part 2: Copy Toyota G chip using JMD Handy Baby Cbay clone machine

Pay additional money and supply your dealer serial number, then the dealer will do authorization file and send back to you, after get the file, just update and then you can use Handy Baby to copy Toyota G chip.For the price of the G chip, the authorized dealer charge about $80 if you buy from this site


JMD Handy Baby is tested ok to copy 72G.


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