Diagnose 2002 325i using Creator C110 BMW scanner tool V3.6

In the following parts, I have issue with my BMW 325i 2002, then used Creator C110 BMW scanner tool V3.6 to read out trouble codes, then how to do next? Go on reading as follows.

Car information:
BMW 325i 2002

-intermittently Stalling at low speeds/RPM for instance driving in traffic, parking lots, or drive thrus ( car starts up right after and runs fine )
-Slight rumbling from engine after excessive idling
-loss of power and lagging when trying to accelerate RPM will rise but the car goes almost nowhere. Sometimes if i take my foot off the pedal and press down again it will catch itself and accelerate like normal, other times i need to pull over and restart the car and it will run fine.

Equipment to use:
Creator C110 BMW scanner tool V3.6

Trouble codes read out via Creator C110 BMW scanner tool V3.6:
-F2 misfire cylinder 5
-F1 misfire cylinder 4
-08 signal air mass flow sensor
-Cb fuel trim bank 1 control limit
-Ca fuel trim bank 1 control limit
-E4 fuel trim bank 2 permissible range exceeded
-E3 fuel trim bank 2 permissible range exceeded
-8c output stage fault mtl pump

A pro BMW specialist advised tips:
You need a smoke test of the intake system. It’s 90% certain that you have significant intake/ccv system leaks, which are causing your fuel trim codes, as well as your MAF code. Certainly, the other 10% will point to a bad MAF. You can watch live data for the MAF, on a good BMW diagnostic computer, to see if it’s providing correct readings. If you have an aftermarket oiled air filter, it is 10 times more likely that the MAF is bad, because oil kills MAFs.

EDIT: Oh, throw in a new set of NGK BKR6 EQUP spark plugs,, and swap the two coils from the misfiring cylinders to other cylinders, to establish whether the misfires follow the coils.

DOUBLE-EDIT: Your DTML pump isn’t working correctly. This stands for “Diagnostic Module Tank Leakage”. It monitors whether the fuel tank or evaporative emissions system has an AIR leak. For this code especially, clear codes and check all fuses, see if code returns. If it does, check electrical plug under right rear corner, EVAP system, and look for signs of rodent damage.

If you want to do DIY smoke test, I’m sorry, but there is no DIY for a smoke test. This requires a professional smoke machine, capable of maintaining a constant pressurized smoke for ten minutes or so. I tried very hard to make my own smoke machine several times, and ended up paying ~$1000 for a machine. No matter how many rastafarians you know, you can’t duplicate the machine…. trust me. (Yes, I tried the glowplug, and the vaporizer too….the problem is consistent low pressure, high volume air). A pro BMW specialist independent shop will likely charge about 50 bucks.

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