Difference between SKP900 and Key Pro M8 key programmer

Product SKP-900 Key Programmer Key Pro M8 Key Programmer
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Function Programming keys,

read pin code. etc.

Program Keys,Program Proximity/Smart Keys,

Clear Key Memory,

Read Immobilizer Pin Codes,

ECU Identification,

Read & Clear Fault Codes,

Provide Roadside Programming for Drivers

Applicable models SKP900 work super at

Landrover, Ford, GM, and Holden.

Support Toyota g chip,

Support almost all vehicles in the world.

All Makes Coverage

Update Lifelong free update online One year free update online
Price 659USD with DHL shipping costs 1499USD with DHL shipping costs
Feature Can  work with 46/4D/48 Adapter Plus

Supported types are ID13, ID33,

ID40, ID41, ID42, ID44, ID45,

ID46, ID48, ID60, ID61, ID62,

ID63,  ID64, ID65, ID66, ID67,

ID68, ID70, ID8E, and so on.

Key Pro M8 can work with old car

even before 2006 and both new cars up to 2012.

Key pro M8 is the most powerful

and most expensive key programmer,

it’s best for professional locksmith

who will make key for many car models

Vehicle Year




English and Portuguese







No tokens needed

Tokens needed

(Comes with 800 tokens)


Here is the SKP900 key programmer vehicle list:


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