Digiprog 3: VW Passat 2004 Odometer Change Tutorial

Best Quality Digiprog 3 with latest V4.94 software is good at digital speedo programming and correction, multi-language available and wide vehicle makes compatible is the most remarkable highlight.

Here comes with an example of mileage correction via Digiprog 3, check more details below:

Vehicle Model:
VW Passat B5 2004;

Mileage Correction Tool:
Digiprog 3;

Change mileage from 81km (wrong one) to 1489km;

Hook Digiprog 3 main unit up directly to vehicle OBD diagnostic socket;
(Note: the dashboard has been dismantled from vehicle)
Boot up the device;
connect digiprog 3 with vehicle obd socket
New interface requires to enter password (The default password is “1”);
Click “√” to continue;
Main Menu pops out;
Select VW >> Passat >> Passat B5 / B5GP >> B5-2004 DIAG (Note: You can see full vehicle models via up and down arrow);
vehicle model selection
Click “√” to proceed;
Manually Input New KM (i.e. right one);
manually input new kilograms
Wait for confirmation until pop out information reading “CHECK WRITTEN VALUE”;
Check the dashboard mileage;
check mileage on dashboard
Program successfully;
Exit the program;

All steps above are for mileage change, sincerely hope to be helpful for you.

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