Experience: program Honda with maxiflash pro J2534


I’m trying to reflash a Honda CRV using the maxiflash pro and Honda pass thru programming app on laptop, but I will not recognize it. Sets error code. Anybody have luck with Honda using autel j2534?

You need to load the drivers for the J2534 module. It is on the CD that came with the scanner or you can download it from this website. After you load the drivers, you will see the Autel J2534 module on the list in Honda’s flash software. There has been talk about it interfering with other OEM software like the Techstream etc. So it is better to have it on a fresh install and disable anti-virus when flashing.


I have maxiflash software installed on my windows 8.1 and downloaded the j2534 from Honda.techinfo.com with 370Mb capacity for free and installed the software on my windows 8.1, I comnected maxiflash to my laptop and to the vehicle.. Honda j2534 recognized the maxiflash pro and I programmed Honda accord 2013 micu as the software guided me… I haven’t had any problem….
I am pretty sure, the j2534 software recognized my maxiflash pro, then recognozed the car which was an Accord 2013 and I tried to programme MICU……
First of all I have windows 8.1 installed on my Asus K46CB and the Honda j2534 is also installed on it…. I connected my maxiflash pro to a Honda Accord and my laptop… I switched on the ignition and click on start button on the software…it recognized my maxiflash then recognized the vehicle.. just two control units… ABS Module and MICU….I was in need of programming MICU and I did that without issue…

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