Fix AutoLink AL619 Language Setting Problem

Recently, I purchased Autel AL619 OBDII Scan Tool. The delivery is very fast, and the product luses perfectly. I love it. But when I put it into fact, I cannot use it very well at first.
I make my AL619 available for French and install it. The machine shows it’s the French version, but it only shows “Control” and “Play” on the screen without giving me any error massage. No matter how it was connected by OBD or USB, Autel AutoLink next generation OBDII & CAN scan tool auto scanner didn’t work at that time. I am afraid that it was caused by my improper operation, so I tried to install it for two times which spent 6hours once. To be honest, it was too long. After testing, French was available. However, it cannot be used as a real diagnostic tool for among all the functions, it only can be used for reading the live PCM datastream and live sensor data and controlling something like turning off Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) and ABS/SRS warning lights. Both ABS and OBD2 disappeared. I am not the person giving it up easily: ) so I re-installed it for several times, although it seemed I was in vain.
Take AUDI as an example. I did it in this way as follows:
AutoLink AL619-audi 1

AutoLink AL619-audi 2
AutoLink AL619-audi 3
So, I cannot do anything about it. And then I get in touch with the customer service staff working for wobd2. They analysed the situation for me with patience. My Autel next generation OBDII CAN diagnostic scanner tool AutoLink AL619 can be upgraded into the French version so the vehicle software must be the French version. If the language of my machine still is the English version, the auto diagnostic tool cannot be seen. When I make my AL169 into the French version, I should make the software into the French version after the machine restarts to enter the software equipment. That is, the software for diagnosing vehicle and the machine language should be the same, French, so that the software for being used for the vehicle can be seen on the computer.

All in all, it is a nice shopping experience especially with the help of the wobd2 engineer. The quality of its products is really good.



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