Ford key programming recommend

One day, someone asked me that he need opinion about good tools for programming Ford keys newer models? VCM can program keys? Is good?

Among all the popular key programming tools, I.E SBB, X100, zedbull and VCM II, which one is the best, let’s firstly have a brief overview on them.

Ford VCM II:
VCM II with IDS is the best solution for program Ford keys but you need to have security credentials (incode) to allow it.

To get the incode, the cheap working solution is to buy one additional Outcode/Incode Calculator, which contains SW dongle and some tokens.
SBB key programmer:
SBB clone works pretty good for fords models until 2001, and it is cheap.
Details on how to use SBB key programmer, read SBB key pro manual:


X100 key programmer:
X100 for new models up to 2010
X100 gain a good reputation among auto locksmith because of the following advantages.
1) X100+ is original, can update online and cost little upgrade fee.
2) X100+ is hand-held key programmer, no need connect with any computer.
3) X100+ make key for the vehicle models from China, Asia, Europe and America.
4) X100+ takes only half of the price than SKP900


Zedbull Transponder Clone Key Programmer:
New models with zed full
There are available with big zedbull and mini zedbull.
Zedbull features in no tokens needed anymore and no login card needed.

ZED BULL smart-zed-bull-with-mini-type

Watch zedbull update to 05.02 video on Youtube

and operation video at

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