Ford Mazda IDS Scanner VXDIAG VCX NANO vs. Ford VCM2 Which one is better

2017 ford mustang

WORLDOBD2.COM has just launched new VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford Mazda IDS V95 diagnostic scanner. What’s the difference between the new VXDIAG IDS for Ford Mazda and Ford/Mazda VCMII IDS?

VXDIAG Ford Mazda IDS Scanner Software version: 

Ford IDS V95, Mazda IDS V95


Top features:


1) Software update by CD

2) With unlock firmware

3) Support both new (till 2015) and old Ford& Mazda

4) Support multi-languages:



Computer requirement:


  1. Windows XP SP3 O/S
  2. Computer has at least 4GB Memory
  3. Computer need produced after 2000 year, too old computer can not run the software.


Major difference:


  • VCM2 IDS is not compatible with both Ford and Mazda models, but VXDIAG IDS supports both Ford and Mazda makes.
  • VCM 2 for Ford or Mazda comes with optional V86, V91/V94 IDS software, but the VXDIAG IDS is compatible with higher V95 IDS software version.
  • VXDIAG VCX NANO IDS for Ford & Mazda can be loaded with further V96 IDS, but Ford VCMII IDS
  • IDS software projects the same functions, the difference is the firmware. VXDIAG IDS scanner comes with unlock firmware






Ford/Mazda VCMII IDS scanner