Free Download GM Tech 2 PCMCIA Software bin file multi-language

As we konw There are many free software in car diag tool website

so there are some of car tool software maybe fit for you

 There is software that can reprogram the 32MB PCMCIA card within the GM Tech2 diagnostic scanner via serial cable with bin files. Here gathering some download resources of the Tech II PCMCIA bin file with multi-language and versions.

How to load software on Tech2 scan tool 32GB card?

Insert tech2 card into pcmcia port on laptop and use mce to write the required bin to card, once done remove card and place in tech 2 and power on.

Tech2 card writer is one of them but the method is much slower then reprogramming in pcmcia slot. Tech2 card writer can be downloaded free below as well.

Disclaimer: You are on your own risk.


File including:

New version Tech2 PCMCIA 165.000.rar English (used with TECH2 or with TECH2WIN)

Opel German

Opel German

Opel 150.020 english.rar


Saab 148.000 English.rar

SAAB 148.000 32MB German



Download 2:!JlhF2STa!8ElYLExLisPlBaRbIX5sjQ

Tech2 & Tech2Win PCMCIA 32GB Card Bin Files Opel Multi-Language

You have inside:

Opel 165 EN; DE ; FR ; IT

Opel English 165, 171, 172 and 175

Tech2Win v2.302

27.05.2015 – Added Opel version 176

Download 3:

Tech 2 cards bin files in English:

Zip file contains:-

Cadillac 117.500.bin

Cadillac BLS 120.000.bin

Opel GT Chevrolet HHR V30.004.bin

China-1 29.002.bin

Holden 1997 – 2012 V157.000.bin

Saab 148.000.bin

Holden Export V149.000.bin

Saturn Astra V31.001.bin

Isuzu 107.021.bin

Suzuki 28.007.bin

Isuzu truck 11_530 1996-2011.bin

Isuzu truck 11_530.bin

ISUZU Truck CAN 122_050.bin

Suzuki 29.003 eng.bin


nao 32.08.bin


opel 137.000.bin


OpelVauxhall V166.00.bin


Tech 2 32MB memory PCMCIA is available here:

Tech2 32MB B Card


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