Free Download V2.0.2 CBAY Car Key Copy

CBAY Car Key Copy is a hand-held auto key programmer especially for 4D/46/48 Chips copy. It is replacement for 468 KEY PRO III, and easy for operation.
Free download to upgrade V2.0.2 CBAY hand-held auto key programmer:

Free download until Jul. 31st, 2015. (start charging since Aug. 2015)


CBAY Hand-held Car Key Copy v2.0.2 upgrade description:
1.add 4C/ 13/ 44 copy notice;
2.add the function of 4C (compatible with TPX1/2) to generate;
add the function of 4C (compatible with TPX1/2) to be a master key;
3.add more pages writing from 4D dst8;
4.add recognizing the 72 with G chip and 8A with H chip;
5.add to copy Excelle (2012) ID48 chip

More information about decoding of CBAY Key Copy Programmer, please go to:


FAQ about upgrading CBAY Auto Key Programmer:
Q: I cannot open “upgrade file V2.exe”.
A: Your computer do not install the upgade file’s driver. Please dowload the driver from

Q: I cannot find COM (not COM0), and I cannot upfrade.
A: The machine COM needs driver. Please download COM driver software from
Install COM steps:
1.Click “computer”;
2.Open “device manager”;
3.Find the port (COM & LPT);
4.Click the triangle on the left and go to next;
5.Right click the line includes ” CP210X “;
6.Open the new diver software;
7.Choose the found driver software browsed by the computer, and find the COM driver file you downloaded;
8.Click “NEXT” continuously until you finish installing COM.

Q: Upgrade is not successful.
A: Please upgrade according to the steps instruction on the top left corner of upgrade software.

Q: CBAY Hand-held Car Key Copy Chinese version cannot upgrade to the English version.
A: CBAY Hand-held Car Key Copy Chinese version does not supports upgrading to English version and likewise, the English version cannot upgrade to the Chinese version.

Q: Does CBAY Car Key Copy not support downgrade?
A: Yes. CBAY Car Key Copy cannot dowgrade.


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