Free update & install newest V3.44 TM100 Transponder Key Programmer

Newest version TM100 Transponder Key Programmer V3.44 has been released at September 20, 2016. Here are tips about TM100 upgrade info and installation instruction.

Part1V3.44 TM100 update information:

2016-9-20 V3.44 added functions:

  1. Add key maker for Chevrolet Aveo as MY2012. Parts: Immo, IC: 25160, Transponder: PCF7936;
  2. Improve Toyota write enable dual system security;
  3. Improved part Fiat 93C66 data can’t be identified;
  4. Improved Subaru with G chip write failure;

Notes: This version includes firmware 1 update. Please DON’T disconnect PC with TM100 while updating.

2016-9-14 V3.42 added functions:

  1. Add function for odometer rewrite of CAS4, CAS4+;
  2. Add function for BMW CAS3+ save ISN;
  3. Add key maker for BMW CAS3+ by ISN;
  4. Fix bugs;

How to edit odometer for BMW CAS4, CAS4+:

  1. Select Tools ->Dump Editor-> BMW CAS4 odometer setting
  2. Open dump file current odometer value is displayed
  3. Input new odometer value and set new value.
  4. Save new generated file and write it back to CAS4;

How to save ISN for BMW CAS3+:

  1. Select key maker for BMW CAS3+ adding key.
  2. After original key decoded, TM100 will save 16-byte ISN for you.
  3. After entering the file name software automatically saves 16 bytes ISN and chassis number to the file.
  4. If the same car lost all keys, you can use the saved ISN to do all key lost without reading ISN from DME.

Notes: This version includes firmware 1 and 2 update. Please DO NOT disconnect PC with TM100 while updating.


Part2: How to update TM100 to the newest version?

  1. Click [Help] after TM100 activation to check the hardware and software version information


  1. Click [Update Software] to download new software version, it will take several minutes, just wait…
  2. After the system pops out the message [File was downloaded successfully, please save your work], click [YES] button to update.


  1. Update is processing…
  2. Back to software main menu
  3. Click [Help] again to check the hardware and software version that has been updated.



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