GM Tech2 Learn Keys for EXPORT Vehicles

This procedure must be used with the Techline T50/T60 to learn keys on the Export vehicle. The procedure can also be used on domestic vehicles, if all the valid keys have been lost, to reduce the
programming time from 30 minutes to 10 minute

1.Cut the new key with the mechanical key code for the vehicle.
2.Insert the new key in the ignition and turn the ignition ON.
3.Connect the GM Tech 2 and select “Service Programming System” (SPS)
4.Identify the vehicle and press the “Request Information” softkey
5.The VIN and PCM calibration is displayed. Verify the VIN. (Press the Yes key on the Tech 2 if the VIN is correct)
6.Connect the Tech 2 to the Techline PC and reset the Tech 2 power
7.Select “Service Programming System” (SPS) on the Techline PC — Select Terminal to Tech 2 as the programming method
8.Select Done and follow the instructions — Select Theft Module Re-learn — The Techline PC downloads to the Tech 2
9.Reconnect the Tech 2 to the vehicle — Select SPS — Identify the vehicle — Press the VTD Learn softkey
10.The VTD module is now unlocked and a 10 minute wait period is required
11.After the 10 minute wait period, turn the ignition OFF. Then turn the ignition ON with the same key. Pass-key® III learns the key.
12.The Security light is illuminated until the original valid key is inserted and the ignition is turned ON
13.If an original valid key is not available, learn an additional key to complete the procedure.

Hope this helps.

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