Guide on disabling Corvette PRO F45 option with GM Tech2 scanner

Here I would like to show you how to disable F45 option on 97 Corvette step-by-step. The process requires a GM Tech2 scan tool.

Fire up GM Tech 2 scanner and go to service Program System. Then we can start programming new modules. This is the key to disable F45. IR from working on computers, hot plugging serial devices was a no-no. So I unplugged all the connectors on the ECS unit before starting.

Disconnect the Electronic Suspension Control (ESC).

Hook up GM Tech2 to the cars OBD port and go to the menu.

Select F0: Diagnostics from the Main Menu

Select vehicle year and model from Vehicle Identification.
disabling Corvette PRO F45-1

Select F1: Body from System Selection Menu
disabling Corvette PRO F45-2
From Vehicle Identification
select product line (Y)
select body style
select trans

Select F0: Body Control Module from Body

Select F2: Special Functions from Body Control Module
disabling Corvette PRO F45-3
From Special Functions
select F1:BCM RPO Reprogram

From Setup New BCM
select US & Canada RPO V73
disabling Corvette PRO F45-4
From BCM RPO Reprogram
disabling Corvette PRO F45-5
Find RPO F45 option line, press deselect and then select Save Changes.

Turn off the ignition.

Switch on the ignition and verify that the dreaded – MAX SPEED 80 MPH.

The PRO F45 option is gone.

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