Hand-held Kess v2- K-Touch read and write ECU data

WOBD2 recently released a new ECU chip tuning tool- New Genius Touch & Map, so-called “hand-held kess v2”. And here, some more info about this K-Touch will be offered for all.

Top 7 reasons to get New Genius Touch MAP:
1. Multi-language: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Hungarian
2. Newest Hardware V5.05
3. World-class Touch MAP ECU Chip Tuning Tool, able to work without connection a computer during the critical phases of reading and writing of the ECU, ensuring the process is executed in complete safety. As a completely independent tool, the risks of working with a PC can be avoided, risks such as stalling, Windows crashes, power failure etc…
4. Hand-held version Kess ECU Programmer, but support more new vehicles than Kess v2.
New Genius has communication modules available for Cars, Bikes, LCV, Trucks, Tractors / Agricultural Marine, and support CAN-BUS, KWP, J1850 protocols.
Click to get detailed vehicle lists
5. Support both petrol and diesel vehicles
6. Available in both Master and Slave
7. It is equipped with a sophisticated system for the recovery of the ECU for any problems occurred during programming.


How to install New Genius
Video guide:

Disconnect network connection when installing and using K-touch.

Go to K-TOUCH disk (F:).
Open K-TOUCH-E->read first.pdf
Click Accept for the license agreement.
Minimize the pdf interface.

Step 1 Install K-TOUCH V1.0
Open K-Touch.
Click Next.
Click Install.
Installing K-Touch…
Select setup language. OK.
Setup requirements


Installing requirements…
Click OK to restart the computer.

Step 2 Install K-Touch and Race EVO
Open K-Touch.
Click Next.
Click Install.
Installing K-Touch…
Select setup language. OK.
Setup requirements
Installing requirements…

Race EVO (rev. 431 build 829) Setup 1 – Install Aware Wizard: click Next.
Important info for Race EVO installation: click Next.
(Windows XP SP3 with 1GB RAM memory)
Go to read first.pdf, to copy Dimensione Sport Customer Code: C7535 to Race EVO. Then click Next.
Click Next.
Click Next to install.
Cancel the tick on Run Race EVO (rev. 431 build 829) Setup 1 now. And click Finish for installing Race EVO.
Click Finish for installing K-Touch.

Tips on K-Touch read out data using computer
1 connect k-touch machine with power adapter, and then wait until the machine boot. If the machine cannot boot, turn off power then connect to power again, until the machine boot.
2 use USB cable to connect the machine to the computer, then read out K-Touch data.

Found new hardware wizard: click Next.
Click Finish for installing the software for DimSport – New Genius Device.

Go to Computer Management.
Select Device Manager->Universal Serial Bus controllers->DimSport – New Genius Device.
Then close computer management.

Step 3 Run K-Touch
Open K-Touch on Desktop.
Click Accept definitely.
Please update database…. Click No.
Select K-Touch->Explore…
Race EVO: GENIUS is not updated…. Click OK.
Select FILE/Read/000. Then save on Desktop.
install-New-Genius (7)
Click Yes to extract header.

Back to FILE to select Write. Import on Genius.
install-New-Genius (8)
Open file “000” (not notepad 000) on desktop.

Back to FILE.
Select Help (on top menu bar)->System information.
Read and click OK.

Select Help (on top menu bar)->Information About.
This is K-touch standard version 7.06.506 build 3029.

More info about automatic & manual installation New Genius K-Touch, please go to:


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