How FORScan Scanner Program PATS for Ford, Mazda and Lincoln

This article records how FORScan program PATS. PATS programming is implemented for Ford models approximately of 1997-2009 model year, depends on model and market, also some Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury models.

Disclaimer: No responsibility for any illegal or improper usage. Carry out this procedure at your own risk.


So, what do you need in order to program PATS using FORScan:

  1. FORScan Scanner for Ford/Mazda/Lincoln and Mercury Vehicles
  2. At least one valid ignition key (master key) that is known by PATS
  3. A blank key (if needed)
  4. Vehicles outcode/incode key generator (we use free site for this article, account has to be registered there)


Let’s see the following scenario: The vehicle supports coded access. PATS know 2 master keys, but the owner has only 1 of them. The owner wants to erase the lost key from the PATS memory and program new one (for this purpose a blank key is needed). There is no way to delete a single key, only all known keys can be erased. So the user has to perform the operation in 2 steps: remove all keys known by PATS and program the old key and the new key. Then here we go:

– Run FORScan. We see that PATS knows 2 keys:


– Select the Ignition Keys Erase option. FORScan will read outcode from the vehicle and suggest you enter the incode


WARNING: Research shows that 90% of problems with using this function are caused by blank key problems (not-original/china clone or from another model). Considering this experience, it must be counted that the Erase function is potentially dangerous, because engine will not start until you program at least 2 keys. So it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to check the blank keys (and correct work of the program with your specific vehicle) before executing the Erase function. Just programming it as the 3rd key and if it has been programmed successfully and engine runs using this key, you may execute the Erase function.


– Login to the and go to Service->PATS login calculator, enter the outcode and generate the incode:



– Enter the incode in the FORScan field and click ok. If everything OK, FORScan will request confirmation on the Erase operation. If confirmed, the operation is executed and user is returned back to the main menu. User should see now zero keys known by PATS.

Notice: Do not Exit from the menu, otherwise the security access will be lost, and user will have to obtain the coded access again.


– Now, user should program 2 keys. For this purpose the Ignition Key Programming option must be used. User will be suggested to program the key:



– User should follow the instruction displayed by FORScan, so turn the ignition key to OFF, then back to ON and click OK. FORScan will confirm the operation and ask to turn on/off again.



It is important to leave the programmed key in the ignition lock, because number of known keys is non-zero and FORScan will look for a master key.

– program the second key in the same way, except that when FORScan asks to insert new key, the first key has to be removed and the second key has to be inserted.

– When returned back to the main menu, user should see 2 known keys again. But this time these 2 keys are in hands.