How Mini VCI Cable for Toyota TIS Techstream customize Lexus ES330?

This is my review and experience on using Mini VCI Cable for Toyota TIS Techstream to customize my Lexus ES330 2005. Below I will post pictures and show you how I did it.

I bought this cheap Xhorse Mini VCI Cable for $42 at Five days ago I received it and started my Lexus customization.




First, I installed TIS Techstream software and driver on my laptop WIN 7 well. Next, I plugged Mini VCI cable’s 16 pin connector into car’s OBD2 port and plug the other end to laptop USB port.


  1. Everything was prepared. I turned ignition on and opened Techstream. Clicked “Connect to vehicle” and it showed my car information automatically.


Clicked “Next” to go on, I saw System Selection Menu as below. There were many options available: Engine, SRS, ABS, Immobilizer, Body and door…



Second, clicked “Customize Setting” on left and I could customize many functions.


First function I chose “Wireless Door Lock”. The “Unlock 2 Operations” parameter is on which allowed me to press remote two times to open all car doors. But I wanted to turn this function off. So I clicked the “OFF” button and the green arrow button, then click “Next” to confirm this change.


After that this function was tested off! That’s first Mini VCI Cable customized setting OK!


Third, the second function I wanted to change was “Unlock/ Pack”. It set car doors lock when my car went into park. Many times my passengers got trapped. So I needed to turn it on. Same operation clicked “ON” then green arrow button to change that. The second customized setting OK!



The last change I want was interior light. I click “Illuminated Entry” and turned the item “ACC Lock” to “ON”.


The third customized setting also OK!


That’s all my Lexus personalized setting experience with MINI VCI J2534 Toyota TIS Cable. Hope it helps you!

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