How QUICKLYNKS T85 OBDII JOBD scanner diagnose VW Audi Japanese cars (with Pictures)

Got one QUICKLYNKS T85 OBDII JOBD scanner from China, aim to do some basic diagnostic work e.g turn off check engine light on especially when I drive on the way. I don’t want to bother to install the scanner on a computer and may get me confused if I got some installation error. Then I choose QUICKLYNKS T85 OBDII JOBD scanner, it costs me $97 free shipping. I check the menu and find it displays VW Audi vehicles as well as Japanese car models; maybe sometimes I can lend it to my friends.

Plug QUICKLYNKS T85 16pin cable into the diagnostic socket and the main unit, then press the “On” button to start the device.

16pin connect to ECU-01



Come to main menu

QUICKLYNKS T85 main menu-03


Press the button “enter” and get monitor status.

press enter and get monitor status-04


Come to diagnostic menu- function

diagnostic menu-05


Read codes including Current DTCs, pending DTCs, Perment DTCs

read dtc-06

current dtc-07


Erase dtc

erase dtc-08


VW audi menu

VW audi menu-09

vw audi menu-10


Enter option JOBD, and you will see QUICKLYNKS T85 cover these Japanese car makes.

enter jobd-11


IM readiness

IM readiness-12

Come to “Tool setup”

tool setup-13




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