How to activate 2014.02V Autocom/Delphi CDP Pro(Plus)

1) After succeeded install Delphi TcsCDP Pro software, the system will ask for software activation.
CDP DS150e 1
2) Enter Serial Number 100251 and press to get Hardware Key. Select Delphi name in the activator. Paste SN and Hardware key to check software version information. Delphi now upgraded to the latest 2014.02V. Then click right arrow icon
CDP DS150e 3

3) Click right arrow to proceed
CDP 150e 2

4) Click “Start” to start activate the software.
CDP DS150e 4

5) Click “Yes” to continue
CDP DS150e 5

6) Save the file on the desktop
CDP DS150e save file

7) Drag and drop FileActivation in the activator.
CDP DS150e 6

8) The Result icon should turn to green
CDP DS150e 7

9) Click “No” to proceed.
CDP DS150e 8

10) Save the file to desktop and click Open.
CDP DS150e 9

11) Delphi is configuring the environment for first time use. Please wait patiently until the activation process completed.
CDP DS150e 10

12) The Delphi software is ready to use after the activation complete.

If you meet the “obtain Hardware Key” problem and the system asks for an upgrade as below, do not update your Delphi Tcs CDP Pro, just run software activation above again.
CDP DS150e 11

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