How to change BMW navigation display language via NCS expert

Here are some optional solutions of how to change the language of BMW E88 navigation and display, with bmw tools (k+dcan inpa cable) or without anything.


To change the language from navigation and display to Dutch from BMW E88 2009 German import.


1- Free to change the navigation language without tools:

If the car is a German one, you can select only German, English and French from the iDrive menue.
For other languages, you’ll need to reflash / code your car.


2- Using ISTA-P to change the navigation language:

The easiest way should be using ISTA-P.

There’s a bunch of checkboxes to set a desired language.


But if you don’t find what you need in there, then use NCS Expert.


3- Using k+dcan cable running with NCS expert to coding car for navigation language setup:

change VO with option for a specific region and code the car:

Read CIC
Edit FSW_PSW.TRC ( adding or editing ) languages
Copy and paste to FSW_PSW.MAN
Execute sg_codieren


The coding has been tested for a lot of times using ncs expert; it’s very easy.



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