How to diagnose Landrover new battery run out by JLR mangoose SDD

New battery runs out without reason

Vehicle model:
Freelander 2/LR2 (LF)- Only high-end audio

Vehicle identification number (VIN): H000299x(07-12)

Vehicle battery power runs out for no reason

Diagnostic analysis:
Not properly shut down the infotainment system control module (ICM) when exiting the vehicle

Diagnostic equipment:
JLR mangoose SDD V139 OBDⅡdiagnostic tool for Jaguar and Land rover, like this one US$42.99 in

Diagnosis procedure:

1. Connect a Midtronic storage battery with vehicle
2. Install JLR mangoose SDD diagnostic software. Here is a software video installation instruction.
How to install V139 JLR Mangoose SDD software

3. Connect JLR mangoose SDD OBD2 diagnostic interface with vehicle via OBD port
4. Wait the vehicle to read VIN automatically after well communication is built
5. Select “Diagnosis Session Type” in the main menu
6. Select “Symptoms” Tab
7. Select/enter the value: “Electrical/Battery/Charging system/Flatbattery” or “Electrical/Battery”
8. Select “Recommendations” Tab
9. Run “Configure existing Module-Infotainment control module”, follow the screen prompts
10. Select “Session” when precious procedures are complete
11. Select “Close Session”” to exit the program
12. Disconnect JLR SDD diagnostic scan tool and storage battery from vehicle

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