How to Generate Remote for BMW X5 2006 with KD900 Remote Maker

Handheld KD900 Remote Maker is a must-have tool for locksmith, especially best for remotes programming. offer you best price KD900 Remote control attached with 1000 tokens.

While if you doubt how to use KD900 to generate remote, the following part is an example to demonstrate the whole making process (for BMW X5 2006):

Connect remote to KD900 remote marker with remote data cable (NOTE: Please mark sure the remote is without battery);
connect remote to KD900
Check the remotes frequency via selecting “Frequency Test”;
check remotes frequency
Select “Remote Make” >> BMW >> BMW 433
remote making for BMW
Press “OK” to check remote information;
check remotes information
Select “Remote Make” (Cost 50 Tokens);
Then show the result of remote making to be successful;
remote making successfully
Check the frequency on the new KD remote, and then insert the battery into the remote;

check frequency on the new KD remote

Manually program the remotes to the vehicle;
Insert the key, turn switch to position 1 and then off;
turn switch to position 1 and then turn off
Hold down the unlock button and press the lock button around 6 times to program it;
manually program remotes
Complete the programming, turn IGN on and then off;
Check the remotes;
check the remotes

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