How to get Digiprog 3 correctly updated to V4.94

1) Order Item No. S115-1 V4.94 digiprog 3 update service in wobd2. No Need Shipment. After you finish payment, please kindly inform me your Digiprog 3 Serial Number. We will provide the update file online.

2) Computer power must connect ok, ensure the power supply is sufficient.
3) Well connect Digiprog3 with USB cable. Make sure your computer will not become standby status, screen saver status when updating.
4) Checking the device serial number and update files serial number are conformity or not, whether the Update file have Digi1. Bin and Digi2. Bin
5) Close any anti-virus software on the computer. Connect the Digiprog 3 main unit with computer via USB port.
6) Open the software CD, start digiprog 3 and run setup exe.
7) Select update Digi1. Bin. Update must choose Digi1. Bin .
8) Update is processing. The screen will turn to blue. Do not power off during the process.
9) Update process is complete. Check the new version marked red below.

1) The computer configuration must be windows xp professional SP3 32 bit system.
2) If your dp3 dose not enter blue screen, check your setting and restart from step 1.