How to get GM Cruze security code with X100+ key programmer

X100+ Plus key programmer supports multi-function: vehicle identification, read/erase error codes, key programming, ECU programming for parts of vehicles, reading vehicle security code from vehicle immobilizer memory etc. here takes an example of getting GM Cruze security code with X100+.

Connect X100+/ X100 plus auto key programmer with vehicle via OBDⅡsocket
Power up the device to come to the main menu
Select vehicle Makers
X100 + GM security code 1
Select vehicle region: America
X100 + GM security code 2
Select vehicle manufacturer: GM
X100 + GM security code 3
The system is loading bin.
There are two options under GM menu
–Read security code
Select Read security code (first option)
X100 + GM security code 4
Turn ignition to ON position
Select vehicle make/model: CHEVEOLET
X100 + GM security code 5
Select specific vehicle model: Cruze
X100 + GM security code 6
The system then will display the Cruze security code
X100 + GM security code 7
Back to the X100+ key programmer main interface to program a key GM key. Follow the system notice.

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