How to get None-PC KD900 Remote Maker tokens

The best hand-held none-PC based KD900 is a powerful remote maker. KD900 is a general remote maker, it will costs tokens but can be used all the time.
How to get KD900 Remote Maker tokens?
1) The original KD900 package comes with 1000 tokens, generate a remote will takes 5 tokens each time. Program the remote to car if your have programmed it after simulating, do not need to program again.

2)  How to recharge KD900 tokens?
Turn on the ignition switch and come to the main menu, select “Recharge”, click “Firmware detect”, send your serial number to us and we will send back the serial number to you. Paste the serial number into the Firmware recharge column, and click “Recharge”. Click “Yes” when the token recharged message pops out.

3) Or you can pay 250USD for another 1000 tokens in wobd2.

For detail KD900 information, vehicle list and user manual, please check our webpage.

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