How to install, register, update original LAUNCH X431 5C Pro

Recently, LAUNCH released new tablet diagnostic tool X431 5C Pro with WiFi/Bluetooth! It supports online update, and full range car model from USA, European and Asian. X4315C Pro automotive diagnostic tool with multi-language is an professional tool for vehicle diagnosis. This is full set version with all connectors and cables. Also, X431 5C Pro has some special function such as BMW idle study, BMW Injection rate adjustment, BMW battery replacement, Nissan matching key, and is more economic than X431 V, cheaper, easier to carry but with the same function.
tablet diagnostic tool X431 5C Pro-package
Cables marked in the red square are the big difference of LAUNCH X431 5C Pro between SP183-B & SP183-C, in terms of hardware.

How to install the diagnostic connector:

tablet diagnostic tool X431 5C Pro-diagnostic connector
1. Locate vehicle’s DLC socket: It provides 16 pins and is generally located on the driver’s side, about 12inches away from the center of the dash board. (pls. see the pic above)
2. Plug the connector into the vehicle’s DLC (It is suggested to use OBD II extension cable to connect the DLC and the connector). For vehicles with non-16 pin DLC, pls. Choose the desired connector. Normally the power indicator of diagnostic connector will light up.
How to register X431 5C Pro full system software:

Note: before registering, please charge your X-431 5C diagnostic tool to power on, and the set wifi connection.
tablet diagnostic tool X431 5C Pro-reigster and download software-1

tablet diagnostic tool X431 5C Pro-reigster and download software-2
How to download to update X431 5C Pro full system software:
Tap for downloadto start downloading.
1. Please make sure that wifi has a stable and strong signals when downloading.
2. By default, all vehicle software are selected. To deselect certain software, just uncheck the box next to the software version.
3. The software packages will be installed automatically once downloading finished.
4. Please keep synchronized with the latest version for better service and functions.

X431 5C Pro is original for:
launch-x431-5c-wifi-bluetooth-table-diagnostic-tool--3launch-x431-5c-wifi-bluetooth-table-diagnostic-tool--packing list

launch-x431-5c-wifi-bluetooth-table-diagnostic-tool--software list

launch-x431-5c-wifi-bluetooth-table-diagnostic-tool--software list-2


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