How to install TOYOTA MINI VCI TIS Techstream update to V10.10.018

mini vci

MINI VCI V10.10.018 TIS Techstream is the newest version diagnostic software for Toyota (since 1996). This is the instruction of installation and diagnosis with Toyota TIS Techstream V10.10.018 single cable.

1. Open “Computer”> “MINI VCI 10.10.0(E:)” >”Toyota Techstream_10.10.018_NDSI Install Script Setup Launcher”.
mini vci-01
Choose the setup language to go next. (the language is describe in Chinese in this interface)
Chinese (simplified)
French (Canada)
mini vci-02
Be preparing setup.

Go to install Techstream software on your computer.
mini vci-03
Choose “I accept the terms of the license agreement” in the interface of license agreement to continue.

Enter your name and the name of your company for customer information.

Click “install” to begin the installation.

Be installing.
mini vci-04
Click “Finish” for Techstream software is successfully installed. Two icons (Techstream and TES file) will be showed on the desk top.
mini vci-05
2. Open “Computer”> “MINI VCI 10.10.0(E:)”> “Mini VCI Driver”> “MVCI Driver for TOYOTA-CABLE 2.0.1”. Right click “MVCI Driver for TOYOTA-CABLE 2.0.1” to install it.
mini vci-06

mini vci-07
Click “Next” to install Mini-VCI Driver for TOYOTA TIS.

Click “Finish” to complete the Mini-VCI Driver, and you will see an icon of “MVCI Firmware Update Tool” on the desktop.
mini vci-08
3. Open “MVCI Firmware Update Tool” on the desktop.

Choose “Device Info” to get the device information and then close the interface.
mini vci-09
mini vci-10
4. Open “Techstream” on the desktop.

Select “Yes” for obtaining Java from the web.
mini vci-11

Select “setup”on the menu for “Techstream Configuration”.
mini vci-12
Do the area and setup language selection to go next.

Click OK to go on.
mini vci-13
Select “Connect to Vehicle” on the left menu.
mini vci-14
Confirm the information to continue.
mini vci-15
Select the first box “Engine and ECT” to go on.
mini vci-16
Save the trouble codes.
mini vci-17
Select “Data list” on the left menu to get the live engine and ECT information.
mini vci-18
That is all about the instruction of how to install MINI VCI for TOYOTA TIS Techstream update to V10.10.018.

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