How to make 46 chip key with CN900 key programmer

Welcome! Today, I will guide you to make 46 chip key with CN900 key programmer.

1. the TPX4 chip, used to collect data.
the TPX4 chip
2. the cn3 chip
3. the original key
4. CN900 key programmer

Connect CN900 Key programmer with 46 cloner box ready, then turn on the power of CN900 key programmer.

Tap “READ&COPY” after putting the original key in the slot.
cn900 make 46 chip key-1
cn900 make 46 chip key-2
Then you will get the original key ID. Then remove the original key and insert the sniffer. Tap OK.
Insert the sniffer TPX4 for collecting data and tap OK.
cn900 make 46 chip key-3
Tap “READ” to begin decoding.
cn900 make 46 chip key-4
Insert the original key in the vehicle’s ignition together with the prepared sniffer.
Turn the key/sniffer unit to the position prior to starting.
Return the key to the original position and remove it from the ignition.
(do as the instruction on the screen)
cn900 make 46 chip key-5
Repeat this above operation for 4 times. And then remove the original key and the sniffer. Then tap OK on CN900.
Reinsert the original key and tap OK.
Insert the CN3 chip here when all the information appears on the screen. And then tap “COPY”.
cn900 make 46 chip key-6

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