How to match Hyundai I20 remote with Silca SBB

SBB is a universal and professional OBD2 key programmer in immobilizer units on vehicles, including many cars from 1996-2010,such as audi, vw, bmw, toyota, honda, nissan. Here is the detailed instruction for remote matching on Hyundai I20 with Silca SBB.

Take a compatible remote to be programmed.
Sit in the car, and connect SBB key programmer to the car’s OBD port.
SLICA SBB remote matching-1
Display on the screen of SBB.
SLICA SBB remote matching-2
Turn on the ignition with any of the key.
SLICA SBB remote matching-3
SLICA SBB remote matching-4
Insert a key and turn on the console according to the instruction on the screen. Then press this ENTER button.
SLICA SBB remote matching-5
Turn the ignition OFF and take out the key.
Press Enter BUTTON to begin remote programming.
Press LOCK button on the first remote to be programmed. You will hear a short beep on Lock button press.
Again press ENTER button to program the second remote, and press Lock button the second remote to program it with the car.
SLICA SBB remote matching-6
Take out SLICA SBB to end programming.
Check both remotes for functionality.

Ps. High quality of SBB

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