How to Program EEPROM with Digiprog III V4.94

Digiprog 3 is a powerful device that is available to EEPROM programming, fault memory reading and erasing and mileage correction etc, especially more popular when being updated to the newest V4.94.

Recently I found on forum where some members were discussing about how to use V4.94 Digiprog 3 EEPROM Menu to program EEPROM. Under this case, I would like to share my own writeup on this.

EEPROM programming with Digiprog 3 is done through some adapters, for example, Digiprog 3 ST01/02 cable, or others. These adapters can be purchased at local aftermarket shops or from online stores.

Pre-starting notices:
1. De-solder EEPROM;
2. Confirm the contact points or legs with glass fiber pin thoroughly;
3. Clean clearly with sandpaper;
4. Insert EEPROM correctly into Digiprog3 ST01/ST04 adapter, and make sure they are contacting;
V4.94 Digiprog III
Operation Guide:
Connect Digiprog 3 to your car;
Enter into EEPROM menu;
Read data from EEPROM and store them in digiprog3;
Get EEPROM from ST01/ST04 adapter and reload it;
Select the function EEPROM COMPARE;
Then it is the previous read data on digiprog 3 but not the internal memory, comparing it with the now re-inserted EEPROM;

Error message may appear during the process, restore or reprogram, restore the original data status and it will be fixed.

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