How to run TIS2000 in virtual XP 32bit on a Win10 pc (with Pictures)

As for the question that GM tech2 TIS2000 installation needs which compute windows. I tried to use Oracle VM Virtual Manager to run my XP prof. sp3 with success; therefore, I would like to describe what I did.

This Virtual XP communicates with my GM Tech 2 though the Host pc’s USB ports and I am able to upload snapshots from my Tech2 and View the signals on my desktop.

As below paragraph shows you can operate the GM Tech2 from TIS2000 Tech2 view in the virtual win Xp.

The USB adapter I use work OK from my virtual pc through the win 10 USB port to the Tech2

You can upload snapshots from the Tech2 memory and view the trends using TIS2000.

Note: most run Tis2000 on any of old Vista laptop, XP laptop, Win 7 32 bit, win 8.1. If you want to have a try as I did, please take your risk at your own.


Step-by-step procedure:

Note: at the end you will see I did on the Virtual XP, the following beginning parts are the step-by-step procedure to use TIS2000 to diagnose GM Powertrain, Body, chassis and Diagnostic Circuit etc.


Come to ‘Main Menu‘, select ‘Diagnostics‘, click ‘Enter

gm tech2 daignsotics-01


Click ‘Down arrow‘ to select car year, as you can see Tech2 cover Gm vehicles from 2013 to

2000 year. If I select ‘2000’, you will be taken to select ‘Vehicle Type

2000year-03 2013year-03

vehicle type-04


Select any of following electronic system: Powertrain, Body, Chassis and Diagnostic Circuit


Select electronic system-05


Select Engine Type, as you can see it covers most GM engine types.

engine type-06


If I select 5.7L V8 LS1, I go to select one of following product Line (F or Y), I select Y

product line-07


Choose Transmission, you are offered to choose: 4 speed automatic and Manual


Gome to function options, choose DTC, press ‘Enter‘.

function option-08


DTC options shown as below.



DTC info option as below.

DTC info-10


Establishing communications


Waiting for Data.

The DTC that is found will display, if not it will read no found DTC.


Data Display

Click ‘Exit‘ and back to ‘DTC information‘ – ‘DTC information’, than click ‘F1‘ and go to

Engine Data Display’ option.

data display-11


Engine data 1 info

engine data 1 info-12


Engine data 2

engine data 2-13


Diagnostic ‘Body’ system

Body diagnostic-14


Select Body style

body style select-15

Body 16


Read out current and history DTC(s)

Body 17

Tis2000 tech2 view-18

Tis2000 tech2 view-19

Tis2000 tech2 view-20

connect to handheld device-20

Tis2000 tech2 view-21

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