How to solve X100+ can not find new vehicle model

One of the X100+ key programmer users turned to our technician for help.

Here is the problem:
He checked the software download list and found out that X100+ support newer (2013 to 2014) vehicle models, so he run an upgrade by referring to the user manual and operation video. But he found that the vehicle list still the same as previous and could not find (2013 to 2014) Suzuki models after the upgrade.

X100+ 1
Pictures below are the screen shortcuts of the vehicle list. He could only found the 98-04 SUZUKI models.

X100+ 3


X100+ 4


X100+ is different from other auto key programmers. It depends on the vehicle’s immobilizer system rather then vehicle model and year when program vehicles.

1) Enter into the main function menu,
2) Select “Immobilizer” function
3) Select region e.g China SUZUKI or Japan SUZUKI etc,
4) Select model e.g SX4, Swift, Alto etc
5) Select function you need, e.g Fault Codes, Erase DTC, ECU identification, ALL keys lost etc.

X-100+ Auto Key Programmer User Manual
X100+ Auto Key Programmer Operation video
X100+ auto key programmer vehicle list

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