How to solve XPROG-M 5.55 “Device is Silent” Error

XPROG M Programmer

Here is the useful tip for XPROG-M 5.55 wit error message “device is silent”



  1. The drive is not installed properly or your computer does not support the drive. Some computers can only recognize his drive as a Bluetooth device or an unknown driver. In this situation, the drive will not work so that the error message come with “device is silent.”


  1. The USB cable does not match your computer serial port. Please check the USB cable, and make sure it is appropriate. If it cannot work, replace it with some other USB cables.


All in all, check port settings usb or com when you use XPROG-M unit but meet with “device is silent” error.


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This solve

Xprog-m 5.55 read 35080

xprog m 5.0 clone with LC4064

Xprog-m read 68HC08AZ32 for dashboard RENAULT KANGOO 2005

XPROG 5.48 read CAS4 (2013 year from Motorola 5M48H)

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