How to solve Xtool X100 PAD License Exception

Recently, engineers helped a user solve his XTOOL X100 PAD obdii diagnostic tool with “License Exception” when using Xtool APP. Share the solution here and hopefully it helps others also.

This is the error screen:

Professional suggestion:

Step 1- connection X100 pad to PC and power on X100 pad


Step 2- xtool x100 pad activation

Press Login account and login with e-mail address

Enter “Activation Code” which you can find on the user manual


Complete all information and click on the “ACTIVATE” button

(Note: Please DO NOT forget your login e-mail address and password. Otherwise you are on your own risk!!!)

Activation complete! You will be guided to the x100 pad main menu.


Then open Resource Manager and delete the XTOOL file there.


Step 3- x100 pad xtool update

X-100 PAD updates directly via the Internet using WiFi or wired connection. To access the update application, open the X-100 PAD application and click “UPDATE”, shown below:


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