How to update INPA for new chassis models

It’s all about update INPA for new chassis model, with K+DCAN cable or ICOM A2.

1. Find out which control modules are fitted to that new chassis.

2. Locate the correct *.prg files for those modules.

3. Locate the correct *.grp files for those *.prg files.

4. Locate or write the correct *.ipo files for those *.prg and *.grp files.

5. Write a *.eng menu file for those *.ipo files.

6. Write a new INPA *.ini file to include the new *.eng menu.
Where to get INPA?
-K+DCAN cable (only with INPA)
BMW ICOM A2 +B +C diagnostic tool


Ps. tools above are the most populous BMW diagnostic mux in the market.
Notice of using INPA:

1. Before using this equipment, keep the battery of laptop fully charged to avoid battery broken. Don’t charge the battery while diagnosing. Before charging, discharge the battery. You may knock down the battery and connect the power line during long time diagnosing. To make sure the battery life.

2. While testing, to make sure the diagnostic lines well connected.

3. Be sure to start diagnosing after all icons on bottom right of screen displayed regularly.

4. After finished diagnosing, back the screen to the main interface, then shut down the key and pull out the connector.

5. Don’t cut the power or connector during test.

6. Don’t touch the high temperature components in carriage during test

Ps. complete Guide to INPA
INPA display:


bmw-inpa (1)

bmw-inpa (2)

bmw-inpa (3)

bmw-inpa (4)

bmw-inpa (5)

bmw-inpa (6)

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