How to update OBDSTAR X100 PRO Auto Key Programmer

Original OBDSTAR X-100 Pro Auto Key Programmer with Odometer Correction and OBD Software is a f hand-held device for programming keys in immobilizer units on vehicles.  And it can be updated online for free.

Here in the step-by-step instruction to help update X100 PRO auto key programmer.

1. Go to register account.
2. Log in with your account, build a new folder on your desktop, download all update software
and put into the folder you just built.
x100pro update manual-2
3. Update the update tool, connect TF card by card reader to your computer.
4. Choose the target folder and file folder like this:
x100pro update manual-4
5. Choose all files in the folder and click “update”
x100pro update manual-5-1

x100pro update manual-5-2
x100pro update manual-5-3
6. When update finish, it would remind you update success!
x100pro update manual-6

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