How to use 46/4D/48 Adapter Plus for SKP900

SKP900 key programmer has been widely respected by locksmith and technician around the world. How ever, what if all car key lost or SKP900 can not access to your vehicle, SKP900 can not project its function perfectly. At this time you need a helper: 46/4D/48 Adapter Plus

The function of 46/4D/48 Adapter Plus for SKP-900:
1)Read chip. Identify the chip type, chip ID, empty and locked.
2)Write chip. Connect to PC and edit chips, write special position for chips
3)Make key when all car keys lost
4)Create special chips, like Mitsubishi 46 (Duplex communications chips)
5)Unlock some chips so it can be used again
6)Decode the original chip and then copy it
How to connect and use the 46 4D 48 Adapter Plus:

Step 1: Place the chip into the coil
Step 2: Connect the 46 4D 48 Adapter Plus unit with COM cable in the package


Step 3: Connect the 46 4D 48 Adapter Plus unit with adapter (with coil shown as picture below)
Step 4: Place the key into the coil
Step 5: Install the software. Better to run it on Windows XP operating system. The software is easy to install by following the windows instruction.

Step 6: Select the function you want, like read chip, write chip, make key etc

Here is a video instruction of using the adapter:
How to Collect Data with SKP900 46 4D 48 Adapter Plus

Some vehicle may need to get the PIN Code when programming new keys. VPC-100 pin code calculator works perfectly with SKP900 key programmer. Another video offered on how to using VPC-100 pin code calculator and SKP900 key programmer to program keys.