How to use OBDSTAR F100 to change km of Mazda 6 2013

obdstar f100 change Odometer correction

OBDSTAR F100 Key programmer is a professional tool for Ford and Mazda to do mileage correction and key programming. Here is the new test of OBDSTAR F100 on Mazda 6 2013.

This is the tool to use

OBDSTAR F100 key programmer


Odometer correction procedure is very easy; just follow the screen instruction.


Odometer before correction: 750 19km

obdstar f100 change km Mazda


obdstar-f100-change-km-Mazda-6 (2)


obdstar-f100-change-km-Mazda-6 (3)

Then CX5

obdstar-f100-change-km-Mazda-6 (4)

obdstar-f100-change-km-Mazda-6 (5)

obdstar-f100-change-km-Mazda-6 (6)

Select 2009-2013

obdstar-f100-change-km-Mazda-6 (7)


Input mileage of adjustment 022000

obdstar-f100-change-km-Mazda-6 (8)

obdstar-f100-change-km-Mazda-6 (9)

obdstar-f100-change-km-Mazda-6 (10)

Adjusting mileage…

obdstar-f100-change-km-Mazda-6 (11)

Adjustment complete

obdstar-f100-change-km-Mazda-6 (12)

Mileage displayed on the dashboard now turn to 220 19km

obdstar-f100-change-km-Mazda-6 (13)

Mileage Adjustment success.


So, OBDSTAR F100 odometer correction tool performs well with Mazda. And for Ford, it also does well in terms of key programming and mileage correction.


User Guide Video

How to use OBDSTAR F100 to change km of Mazda 6 2013


OBDSTAR F100 Odometer Mileage Correction Programmer for Mazda CX 5


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